Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Open Limits Bass Competition 21st June

In an exceptionally poor turn out, just 2 anglers headed out in search of bass for the open limits bass competition on Sunday 21st July. 

The lone boat headed to a rocky mark not far from reculver in search of bass. 

B. Morris landed 4 but they were all just undersize by a centimetre or two. T. Morris also had a small bass but again, undersize. 

Tony then landed a decent eel around the 2lbs mark while Ben followed up with a smaller version of his own. 

In the last hour the pair were unusually treated to a few wrasse, B. Morris had 3 including a good sized Ballan and a very pretty Corkwing too. 

Neither could muster anything to weigh in by the end of the event however.

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Over The Low 7th July 2019

Seven Anglers took to the shore for the Heron’s Over-The-Low beach competition on Sunday 7th July.

The event is notorious for poor catches as is often the case with daytime summer fishing and unfortunately this year was no exception. 

In fact, no one could return with a sizeable catch. K. Morris landed two small bass from Bishopstone point and S. Stephenson also had one of 30cm.

B. Morris came close with a 1lbs 8oz bass from the same mark as well but the fish only measured just over 40cm, the minimum size being 42.

T. Morris was sick as a parrot however as he reportedly lost a bass around the 4-5lbs mark at his feet whilst fishing the Rand. He watched helplessly as the fish simply “let go and swam away”.

B. Morris with almost big enough winning fish. 

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Claire V. Weniger 16th June 2019

The SW wind was a little stronger than anticipated for the 9 anglers taking part in this year’s Claire V. Weniger Boat Competition on Sunday 16th June. Nonetheless, boats were launched and expectations were running high.
Unfortunately though, it was very quiet indeed for most. Despite a few rays showing as well as smoothhounds and dogfish, the general catch rate was very slow indeed.
In fact, the only boat to have any resemblance of doing well was partners, D. Perry and K. Morris.
Kevin had 6 dogfish whilst Dave managed 13 fish including 2 smooth hounds to 6lbs 18.8lbs for the win.
Andy Wood also boated a hound of 6lbs 9.8oz whilst the heaviest ray went to Phil Gower at 6lbs 1oz.

Full results as follows;

1st- D. Perry, 13 fish, 24lbs 1.6oz
2nd- A. Wood, 2 fish, 7lbs 15.6oz
3rd- K. Morris, 6 fish, 6lbs 15.4oz
4th- D. Neiles, 5 fish, 6lbs 10oz
5th- T. Morris, 2 fish, 6lbs 5,6oz
6th- P. Gower, 1 fish, 6lbs 1oz
7th- B. Morris, 2 fish, 5lbs 15oz
8th- M. Roach, 1 fish, 5lbs 1.8oz

Friday, 7 June 2019

Iris Trophy - Sunday 2nd June

Despite ideal conditions, just 8 anglers headed out from the club house on Sunday 2nd June for the Iris Boat Trophy. 

Due to good catches of smoothhounds, bass and skate from our shores, expectations were high for the event but unfortunately fell staggeringly short. In fact, 3 of the 4 boats mostly just found dogfish and even those were very low in number. 

Fishing closer in at Reculver however, B. Morris did manage to find a hound of 9lbs 9.4oz but his partner, T. Morris, bettered it by a mile. 

Tony’s best fish was a 12lbs 6oz smoothhound and along with 4 others, 3 dogfish and a bass of 2lbs 5.2oz, he easily won the competition. 

Meanwhile yet another engine failure, this time for Ian and Dave Morris, meant their fishing was cut short whilst they awaited rescue!!

Full results as follows;

1st- T. Morris, 9 fish, 40lbs 9oz
2nd- B. Morris, 1 fish, 9lbs 9.4oz
3rd- K. Morris, 6 fish, 7lbs 9.6oz
4th- D. Perry, 3 fish, 7lbs 4.8oz
5th- I. Morris, 3 fish, 3lbs 10.2oz
6th- D. Morris, 2 fish, 2lbs 9.6oz
7th- B. Perry-French, 2 fish, 2lbs 6.6oz
8th- L. Perry-French, 1 fish, 1lbs 4.8oz

T. Morris

 B. Morris

 D. Morris & I. Morris being towed in by D. Perry & K. Morris

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Dave Mann Diamond Jubilee - Sunday 19th May

This is the Heron's annual roamer competition. 

The clock starts ticking from signing in, and competitors can rush to any part of the Kent coast (excluding venues where you need to pay to fish), and must be back to the club house within in 8 hours.

Only 4 competitors took up the challenge of deciding where to fish this year. With all deciding to fish within the usual club limits, and stuck to the north Kent coast. 

Fishing was not great, in fact that's probably over exaggerating how un-great it was! 
Between B.Morris, K.Morris, S.Stephenson and T.Morris,  only 2 undersized bass were caught.
Considering these 4 anglers, are in the top of of the clubs beach league table, I think that shows quite how difficult the fishing was! 

Lets hope the next competition is more productive and has more people fishing.

B. Morris with an undersized bass.

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Spring Boat Festival Results

Unfortunately for the Heron Angling Society, the conditions on Saturday 4th May were deemed too dangerous to fish due to strong northerly winds throughout the day. Thankfully however, the wind died down enough to get out on Sunday 5th May and fish at least one day of the annual Spring Boat Festival.

Nine anglers took part with three of the boats opting to fish fairly close to shore off of the Kings Hall, Dave Neiles and partner Andy Wood were the only pair to venture further out to the Weir Bank.

As the event drew to a close and anglers returned to the slipway, it was apparent that Matt Brett and his two passengers had not returned. It transpired they had engine failure and it was left to Tony and Ben Morris to return to sea and tow them back in, hastily racing against the ebbing tide.

Safely back to shore, the weigh in could begin. Decent catches of skate and smooth hounds made up the majority of weights along with the usual hauls of dogfish and whiting.

Matt Brett did exceedingly well on the rays, bagging 10 for the win whilst Ian Morris had the heaviest fish of the day, a ray of 9lbs 13.6oz. Meanwhile, Dave Neiles returned with a good smooth hound of 7lbs 2.4oz bettered only by Ben Morris’s offering of 8lbs 3.2oz.

Full Results as follows;

(Including class winners by elimination rules)

1st- M. Brett, 14 fish, 62lbs 2.6oz

2nd- I. Morris, 14 fish, 52lbs 6oz

3rd- B. Morris, 17 fish, 37lbs 11oz

4th- T. Morris, 17 fish, 34lbs 3.7oz

5th- D. Neiles, 11 fish, 28lbs 4.2oz

6th- A. Wood, 12 fish, 28lbs 1oz

7th- M. C. Brett, 8 fish, 24lbs 3oz

8th- D. Morris, 7 fish, 19lbs 3.8oz

9th- C. Brett, 2 fish, 7lbs 0.2oz

Class 1: Aggregate

1st- M. Brett, 62lbs 2.6oz (£50)

2nd- I. Morris, 52lbs 6oz (£30)

3rd- B. Morris, 37lbs 11oz (£20)

Class 2: Greatest Number

B. Morris, 17 fish

Class 3: Heaviest Fish
I. Morris, 9lbs 13.6oz

Class 4: Heaviest 1 day Catch of Skate

M. Brett, 57lbs 8.4oz

Class 5: Heaviest Catch of Flat Fish

Not Won

Class 6: Heaviest Catch of Round Fish
D. Neiles, 28lbs 4.2oz

Class 7: Aggregate Weight by a Junior

Not Won

Class 8: Heaviest Catch by a Senior

T. Morris, 34lbs 3.7oz

Class 9: Greatest No. Varieties

A. Wood, 3 Varieties

Winner M. Brett with 2 of his 10 rays 

2nd placed I. Morris with the heaviest fish 9lb 13.6oz 

3rd placed B. Morris with his 8lbs 3.2oz smooth hound

Class 6 winner D. Neiles with his 7lbs 2.4oz smooth hound

T. Morris & B. Morris retrieving the Brett's! 

Monday, 29 April 2019

Osman Cup Beach Competition Results

Nine Heron’s set out from the clubhouse on Sunday 28th April for this years Osman Cup beach competition.

Conditions were reasonable with a very light and decreasing NE breeze and all were hoping to find a ray or two. The event didn’t disappoint!

Although three anglers didn’t manage to return with a catch, the rest more than made up for it. By the end of the competition, 25 rays were weighed in, including 4 double figure fish.

Kevin Morris took the heavy fish pool with his offering of 11lbs 5.6oz but despite also landing 6 more rays and 2 dogfish could still only muster 2nd place from Reculver. Simon Stephenson, also fishing Reculver, landed 7 rays to 10lbs 0.6oz as well as 6 dogfish and a smooth hound pup for the win.

Ben Morris found 6 rays fishing beltinge for 3rd spot whilst Mark Bowman landed his 1st ever brace including a nice 10lbs 9.6oz fish from Kings Hall. Tony Morris completed the rout with 3 thornbacks from the hundred steps including his 1st shore caught double of 10lbs 7oz. Tony also had 3 dogfish.

Competitions like this don’t happen too often!!

Full results as follows;

1st- S. Stephenson, 14 fish, 58lbs 11oz
2nd- K. Morris, 9 fish, 55lbs 3.7oz
3rd- B. Morris, 6 fish, 40lbs 12oz
4th- T. Morris, 6 fish, 29lbs 4.6oz
5th- M. Bowman, 2 fish, 15lbs 0.6oz
6th- D. Morris, 1 fish, 1lbs 5.6oz

Monday, 22 April 2019

Skerry Belle Charter Boat Trip - 20th April

On Saturday 20th April, the Greenhill Club and ourselves went aboard the Skerry Belle from Ramsgate. Skippered by Roger Lenon and with the aid of deck hand Dan, we all had a really good day out. 

We managed to get into some smooth hounds, thornback rays, and a couple of bass. 

George Mummery had the most notable catch of the day, with a rather superb looking bass, weighing an impressive 9lbs 4oz.

Brilliant day out, and something that we will be organising again.